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Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Maddy Bleu Handmade Baby Blanket/Quilt

A few months back, I won a handmade baby blanket/quilt in an online auction benefiting a local family. Shawna, the hands behind Maddy Bleu's handiwork, was kind enough to wait until we had learned the sex of our newest baby (it's a boy!) in order to personalize it for us. It arrived this week and I couldn't have been more blown away.

I had simply told Shawna we were decorating the nursery with a Disney Pinocchio theme and if she had a way to incorporate that into the blanket, it would be great. If not, it was no biggie. Well, in my opinion, she went above and beyond (which was particularly amazing since the items listed in the auction had been donated). Here's what arrived in the mail.

My husband and I were so impressed that we just couldn't stop talking about it. On one side is a vibrant red blanket soft enough to generate sweet dreams. On the other is a beautifully crafted quilt with a fun patchwork design and a large, centered print of the wooden boy himself taken from Thomas Kinkade's painting "Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star". I was especially excited about this because we have a large print of that painting we plan to hang in the nursery (which I hadn't even mentioned). The blanket is 36" x 36" which is perfect since he'll be able to grow with it.

But wait; that's not all! Also included in our package was an adorable and unexpected lovie (a smaller Taggie-style blanket) perfect for any tot. Shawna, again, went above and beyond on this! As if this weren't already more than enough (with its attached teether and tags), both sides also had screen prints taken from the same painting. On one side is Jiminy Cricket standing on a tree branch and on the other is a view of Geppetto's workshop.

While I was already impressed by her courteousness, dedication, and level of professionalism, it was truly Shawna's craftsmanship that left me (nearly) speechless. (I say "nearly" because I'm too much of a chatterbox to ever stay quiet for long.)

I've already ordered a second Winnie the Pooh themed baby blanket for my daughter as a gift from the new baby. I would purchase handmade crafts from Shawna again without hesitation and I would definitely recommend her business to anyone willing to listen.

Some of her handmade items (see pictures here) include lovies, quilts, game quilts (these are so cool!), boo boo bags (hot and cold packs), purses, diaper bags, tutus, and other specialty items. Check out her Facebook page for information on sizes and prices.


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