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Friday, April 10, 2015

Parker's First Birthday - Already?

My baby just turned 1. I'm stuck in an odd feeling of past and present. While it no doubt feels he just made his entrance into this world, it also feels like he's always been a part of it. Of course, I can remember what life was like before Parker was born. But now, looking back, it feels like he was always there, waiting for his turn to come.

Parker has been a smiley little guy since he was born. Always happy, always laughing, and always ready to play. As the youngest, he's learned early on that he has to fight for what he wants. Sippy cups and toy trucks don't come easy in this world; you have to stand up for yourself (and, soon after, plop back down on your butt).

He understands this well and uses every opportunity to pester his sister in accrued retaliation. He has also mastered the age-old art of I'm-just-going-to-cry-and-pretend-someone-hit-me-so-I'll-get-that-toy-back. In his defense, it's usually 50/50 on whether he's implementing this technique or whether his ninja-like sister really did hit him while no one was looking.

Either way, he's Parker and he's a truly special little guy. He always has his tongue sticking out these days - less like a hot terrier and more like a mischievous leprechaun. His little giggle when he gets that sought-after toy or Veggie Straw cracks me up every time.

Watching him grow and learn and develop into a tiny person is just amazing. Seeing the way he interacts with and mimics his older sister is heartwarming. You wouldn't think listening to two toddlers screaming back and forth at each other would be so much fun.

So now, one year after the birth of my son, I just want to say that while I've always been blessed, my cup runneth over. Parker, you are a funny, intelligent, and crafty little boy. 

You're a delight to be around and that tiny grin warms my heart. I'm sorry you still don't have a completed baby book (if it makes you feel any better, neither does Bailey), but I'll get to it one of these days. For now, I'd rather spend my time chasing, tickling, and swinging you. I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Potty Training: To Pee or Not to Pee?

Potty training. Depending where you are in your phase of parenthood, you either read those two little words and: a) wistfully smiled in your naivety; b) shuddered; or c) sighed in remembered relief that those days are now behind you.

If you answered A, I feel your current struggle. You’re worried the cost of diapers will put you in the poor house. Well, you’re in luck; those monetarily-challenged residents probably don’t want your bare-bottomed babe snuggling up to them – not while she’s as likely to inflict a deluge of poop as the peskiest of pigeons. Right, then. Now you’re worried the cost, and subsequent lack, of diapers will move you to the outhouse. Super.

If you answered B, I empathize with your struggle. You’ve dived into the world of teaching a tiny person how to pee into a large pot. Not only that, but you’ve also resigned yourself to sidling up beside said tot on an uncomfortable bathtub or a too-small step stool. You’ve accepted the fact that sometimes you’ll need to read five stories before she will rid herself of the poop that just last week took seconds to push into a diaper. Oh, and don’t forget the never-ending supply of candy it takes to positively reinforce the idea that using the potty is amazing. (By the way, I feel it necessary to mention that my own 2 year old matter-of-factly told me that grown-ups don’t get candy for going on the potty. That’s just what we do.)

If you answered C, I applaud you for making it to the other side. I also smile in my own wistful naivety at the idea that it will get easier by the time I stand where you are. (I’ll continue when you’re finished laughing.)

While potty training is certainly not without its challenges (keep the Lysol handy for those living room floor accidents), it can also be pretty great in the end. Yes, saving money on diapers is awesome, but it’s more than that. It’s the first time that tiny person tugs at your arm and says, “Mommy, I gotta go potty!” (Which is also the time when you realize what a fast sprinter you are.) It’s the way she beams at having done it all by herself. It’s the truly special sense of pride you feel knowing that your child is becoming an independent person, capable of anything.

Ok, so maybe potty training isn’t so bad, after all.